Guitar Hero and Musical Ability

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Is there a correlation between skill at guitar hero and musical ability? Has anyone tested this?

And could we predict someone’s potential in music, even if they don’t currently play an instrument?

If so, could we develop similar tests for other abilities – perhaps as a way to steer children into pursuits for which they’re naturally suited? Could the PS3 and Wii be the educational diagnostic tools of the future?

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scaryreasoner · 25th January 2009 at 3:05 pm

I’ve not played the game myself, but I’ve heard that actual guitar players generally don’t do well at guitar hero because they’re generally trying to play “notes” that the game doesn’t want them playing.

My own impression, as a guitar player who’s never played the game but who’s looked at the controller and seen the game played is that guitar hero is pretty much *nothing* like playing an actual guitar.

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