What does our long history as an evolved species of ape have to do with modern issues like racism, sexism, social media toxicity, religious intolerance and political partisan warfare?

The short answer is: more than you might think.

The longer answer is that these and a slew of other major societal challenges are by-products of human minds that evolved in a world radically different from the one in which we live today.

How We Became Human explores how we evolved to be uniquely moral creatures, and why the very same evolved moral tendencies and cultural mores that helped our ancestors live together peacefully millennia ago are contributing to major social ills today.

How We Became Human is the debut book by philosopher and science writer, Tim Dean. You can order it in paperback, ebook and audio format from your favourite outlets or via Booktopia.

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Praise for How We Became Human:
‘In the battle of our genes, our minds, our souls, which wins? Hate and love, good and evil, right and wrong. Let Tim Dean unlock the mystery of being human. There are some thinkers just made for our times: Dean is one of them.’
– Stan Grant, journalist, presenter, and author of With the Falling of the Dusk