Philosophy 4 Life

Philosophy 4 Life is a programme of philosophical inquiry, critical thinking and ethics workshops tailored to your school’s needs, delivered in an engaging format by an experienced philosopher and facilitator.

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Tim Dean facilitating a philosophy workshop at MeridenWhat they’re saying about philosophy 4 life

“Dr Dean’s workshops are always engaging and interactive, and encourage our students to think deeply and creatively about a range of philosophical and ethical issues. I highly recommend his workshops.”

– Priscilla Curran, Dean of Lateral Learning, Meriden

“Tim was an absolute delight to welcome to our school for a three day visit. He worked with a range of students from Year 6 through to Year 12 in our HaSS and Philosophy lessons and provided highly engaging and enjoyable sessions that enabled our students to engage with some high level and complex philosophical ideas.

Tim used a range of strategies and activities that were able to extrapolate meaningful responses from our students, to challenge their assumptions and develop their skills of argumentation and critical reasoning.

He was also able to work with our staff to develop their pedagogical approaches to teaching critical thinking and reasoning skills, and he was an extremely valued and popular member of our school community during his stay. We would have loved for him to stay longer, and we would welcome him back at any point.”

– Andrew Rogers, Teacher of Philosophy and Ethics, and Humanities and Social Sciences

Legal philosophy workshop

Sample topics and skills

  • The ethics of cloning
  • Constructive disagreement
  • Drugs and fairness in sport
  • What does it mean to be human?
  • Privacy and the internet
  • Robot and AI ethics
  • Reasoning and logic
  • Identity and personhood
  • Ethics of genetic modification
  • Ethical law breaking
  • The limits of tolerance
  • Happiness and wellbeing
  • Ethics in business
  • Active listening skills

Truth and Certainty workshop at MeridenDownload the full brochure to find out more.